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About craps

Craps – the oldest gambling game with dice

Dice is an alternative version of gambling entertainment, along with cards, roulette, reel slots and a variety of lotteries. To the domestic public they are known as dice, to the English-speaking population – dice. Another name for dice – zary, common in Asia, which is considered the ancestor of this type of gambling devices.

For the right to invent dice the main dispute is between India and Iran. It is on the territory of the latter state the most ancient props of this gambling game were found. The age of fossil dice, according to experts, exceeds 5 thousand years.

Craps is the most widespread variant of the dice game

With such ancient origins, craps is undeservedly inferior to other forms of gambling. Craps, a variant of craps that has survived the casinos well, is virtually unknown to the general public. It is not difficult to fill the gap. Craps simulators are presented online casinos in the free access, without restrictions on official membership (registration) or financial capacity. Bypass any of the risks allow demo machines that allow you to play craps online for free.

The rules and how to play

craps online

Surprisingly, the plot of craps, which involved only a pair of dice, more confusing (for the uninitiated visitor to the casino) than the game scheme of popular games – poker or roulette. The person rolling the dice is called the shooter, or shooter, and changes as you gamble.

Each game of craps combines two rounds:

  1. Come Out Roll. The first throw, which should make so that the dice hit the opposite side.
  2. Point Roll. The second round, which continues until the dice edges form the sum of 7 or Po. The first roll determines

How to play dice next. There are three options to continue, depending on the amount on the dice:

  • 7 or 11 (Natural) – the shooter wins and makes a second roll;
  • 2, 3, 12 (Craps) – the shooter loses and is replaced by the next player;
  • remaining numbers 4-6 and 8-10 – transition of the game to the second round.

When the Point Roll begins, the amount that activates it is fixed and an “ON” token is placed on the field. The round continues until the sum of the dice points is 7 or Point. This is why the number that gives the start of the second round is remembered.

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