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Advantages of Craps online free and the game types

For the practice and understanding of the strategies, it is better to play Craps online free before dealing with a real money game. In this case, the player does not spend anything but learn the rules and train. Any beginner who has ever gambled in a casino knows: it hurts to lose money out of ignorance.

Special attention should be given to beginners in terms and bet placement. These can look very complicated at first glance. However, practice helps. When gamblers play Craps free online, they do not get only excitement and fun but learn the basic gameplay.

Craps online free: advantages for newbies

The advantage of playing Craps online free before gambling is obvious with Craps: in a free game, one can try out all optimal strategies without any risk and develop a procedure for each bet. No one risks real money, but it becomes possible to gain applicable, hands-on experience while developing a sense of which bets are good and when to continue to roll the dice. In addition, many players love Craps games free online. They play the game just like that, without the pressure to spend anything.

Thus, playing without spending a cent, gamblers get:

  • True excitement;
  • Fun from the no-stress Craps online free game;
  • Experience;
  • Knowledge;
  • Understanding the best strategies, etc.

Craps strategy for free

Complex payout rules and the various bets make Craps a tricky game. Actually, everything seems to be very easy: a player has to roll the dice only waiting for the result. However, the choice of the fields he bets and the bets he plays is another thing. As always, the best strategy is to learn the game. In this case, an online free Craps simulator must be chosen, because a newbie does not risk and can still gain practical experience. Ideally, one can spend much time learning the fanciest game and intuitively figuring out for him what works best. Read more about best online casino sites for real money with craps and other games.

Of course, there are sophisticated strategies that can be used to increase the chances for a win, but for starters, a few hints are enough:

  • To increase the chances of winning the Craps, a player should initially prefer the 6 and the 8 as betting points. In addition, he should not bet on multiple bets.
  • The best strategy for Craps is to bet on the Do Not Pass and support the maximum odds. Craps online free offers a no house edge bet: after a pass bet, a player has the option of completing the odds (betting that the point is thrown before 7). The payout is 2: 1 with 4/10, 3: 2 at 5/9 and 6: 5 at 6/8 numbers (no house edge for the casino).To play this bet, a gambler places another bet behind Pass.

Types of Craps in online casinos

As experienced gamblers say, the most exciting Craps is the game with a real dealer in a live casino. However, most players try first free online Craps no download slots. These simulators let gamers understand and feel the game. Here are the most interesting slots offering various Craps games online.

  • Craps by Microgaming. Chips of 1, 2, 5, as well as 10, 20, 50, and even 100, 200, 500 play there. Classic Craps rules are used.
  • Craps by Betsoft. It is the same game, but with more variants of bets. This is a slot, where a newbie can start with 1 credit only.
  • Craps by Playtech. This is a free slot with a 0.1 smallest bet that is good for beginners.

When a player understands the main game, he can try its variants like High Point, New York, Crapless, and Open Craps. The games’ peculiarities and features are explained on the sites of casinos online.

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