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Craps betting strategy for lucky game result.

Craps betting strategy for win

Craps game is known to players for a long time. At first, such competitions were held in informal settings – people played dice at home with their friends and relatives. Then, Craps became increasingly common in land-based casinos. Today, this version of gambling you can find on many sites of the casino format.

The peculiarity of dice is its simultaneous simplicity and unpredictability of the outcome of each round. If in Poker or Roulette experienced participants find the opportunity to predict the game situation, in the case of Craps it is almost impossible to do. Although it is worth adding that this competition has its own optimal strategy of fighting. And it helps players to bring victory closer or not – we will learn from the review about Craps betting strategy tips below.

How to bet in Craps

This exciting table play first appeared in America. There are quite simple rules, but this competition does not become boring or uninteresting because of it. On the contrary, Craps is considered as the most exciting game, which is even more lively and dynamic than Roulette or Baccarat.

At the heart of the game are cubes that have inscriptions on each side. The signs represent the number of points. The player, also called Shooter, makes his first bet (Banko), and then throws the dice on the field. The peculiarity of Craps is also an extraordinary abundance of different types of bets that are worth studying before you start playing. New members are perplexed by such a variety of options, but do not be afraid! The more betting options are – the more interesting result of the game can be.

Most often, users bet on Pass Line. This type of Craps betting strategy is basic and most popular. Before applying different strategies to combat, entry-level players are encouraged to learn as much as possible about all types of bets. Due to the fact that today many online sites offer a Demo version of the competition, the participants of the battle can first practice in playing for free and only then invest real money in the gameplay.

There are several successful strategies for Craps. Here are just some of them:

  • Don’t Pass Line. It is chosen by gamers when they want to really increase their advantage. If the bet is of this type, the users win if they get 2 or 3 points on the dice and lose if they get 7 or 11 (12 brings a draw).
  • Iron Cross Craps betting strategy. This principle of the game, when the contestants make the following bets: $ 5 on the FIELD; $ 6 on 5, 6, 8 PLACE. For optimal results, Place and Field bets must be placed so that their sum is greater than the loss on a 7.
  • Five-point counting method. This strategy works like this: the Shooter throws a Point, and then immediately three more shots go. Each roll brings another extra score. If in a result fifth throw marks Point, then players inevitably should make 5 points in the sum after all throws.

Also, in some cases it will be appropriate to apply the Martingale strategy in Craps. This system requires players to increase each subsequent bet when losing and reduce the amount to the original option when winning. However, the method of Martingale for playing Craps has some features, although the basic tactics remained unchanged in this type of casino competition.

If you use Martingale to play Craps, you should remember that the stakes increase in a geometric sequence, which means that very quickly they can reach an amount that you simply do not have. Therefore, experienced players recommend starting with a minimum investment. Otherwise you will either run out of money and you will not be able to place the next bet.

The best sites online to play in 2019

If you decide to start playing Craps online, then choose only the most proven and reliable resources for gambling on the Internet. Read the reviews of professional gamers who from time to time make quality reviews of virtual clubs.

Keep in mind that a secure dice platform must have an official license and an operational support team for its customers. If you have doubts about the virtual casino, and you cannot find on the website of the club the data of its registration, it is better not to play on such a platform.

Popular virtual platforms for Craps 2019:

  • Royal Vegas
  • SPIN Casino
  • JackpotCity
  • Platinum Play

All of the sites listed above give players excellent chances to play, including quick withdrawals of winnings, advanced Craps strategy, wide system of bonus rewards and a clear interface.

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